We are often asked by our friends and customers, “What can I do with this piece of jewelry I no longer love or want to wear. Can I sell it or trade it for another piece of jewelry?” There are several options available to help turn your old piece of jewelry into a new piece of jewelry. One is to see if you can use your older piece of jewelry to trade toward a new piece of jewelry. Another option is to see if we can help you sell your older piece outright for a check or credit.


If you have jewelry or watches that you no longer wear and are interested in selling them for our Estate Collection, we are interested in seeing them! You can drop your items off at any location where we will take a photo, type up a detailed intake form, insure it for a value that is mutually agreeable and give you a receipt. Our buyers are Certified Gemologists and will assess your pieces and make you the best offer that is fair for everyone. Once we determine the highest offer it will be up to you if you decide to sell your piece of jewelry or not. In many cases if you choose to accept the amount offered for your jewelry, you have the option to sign your check over to Underwood’s and we will give you 25% more to purchase new jewelry from us. For example, if you’re offered $1000 for your old necklace and would like to buy a new one from us, you would have $1250 to spend. This process usually takes 5-7 business days.


Underwood’s offers an extremely liberal trade in policy that we have advertised as our, “Grow a Diamond” program in Jacksonville since the 1980’s. This program applies to loose diamonds, the center diamonds in engagement rings, diamond stud earrings and solitaire diamond stud pendants. The program is very simple, we guarantee the purchase price of whatever you paid for your Underwood's diamond toward the purchase of any diamond of greater value. There are virtually no restrictions. Whatever you paid gets applied toward the purchase of the more valuable diamond whether you make that trade toward a new diamond valued at $1 more or $10,000 more. You can make this trade at any point in the future without restriction. It doesn’t get much easier than that! If you have a diamond that you did not purchase from Underwood’s, while we cannot guarantee a trade, we may still be able to take it in trade toward a beautiful Underwood’s diamond. In this case our gemologists inspect and grade your diamond to see where it fits compared to the quality offered in our stores, then we determine a value that makes sense and is fair to all concerned, with the only stipulation being you have to trade up in value.


We are often asked about taking Rolex Watches in trade toward new Rolex Watches. This is something that we address on a case by case basis. The answer is almost always yes, we will offer you a trade value for your old watch. Since Rolex watches are the only watch brand with an almost guaranteed resale value anywhere in the world we can usually offer something for almost any watch of any age. In the case of older watches it is not unusual for the trade value to exceed the original purchase price in some cases.

The process is simple for you:

Select the new watch you want to purchase and leave your watch with us for a day or two to inspect and evaluate.

Once we’ve determined the value of your watch on the used market we will let you know how much we can allow in trade toward the new watch.