Diamonds are timeless. That’s why you should settle for nothing less than a diamond that’s responsibly sourced and goes beyond the 4C’s. A stone that will be a radiant expression of emotion and the romantic moments that you want to immortalize. That’s why we’re proud to offer the Kipekee Diamond™ collection here at Underwood’s.

Underwood’s Certified Gemologists aboard a diamond mining ship off the coast of Namibia.


Underwood’s goes to the ends of the earth to find the best and brightest diamonds for our customers. Each Kipekee Diamond™ in our collection comes from one of the world’s few locations that can convert carbon minerals into large rough gems. It’s from these rough gems that the large carat diamonds that we use in the unique and custom designs we offer at our Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach stores are extracted.


When you purchase a Kipekee Diamond™ from Underwood’s, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your diamond’s ethical origination. We can even tell you exactly where your diamond was extracted as well as how the surrounding community benefited during the process.

The Underwood’s team strictly sources diamonds from specific locations that follow internationally recognized trade, labor, and environmental standards. We directly donate to schools, hospitals, orphanages, and scholarship programs in the communities where your diamond was mined.

Underwood’s Certified Gemologists in a Namibian diamond cutting facility.


Here at Underwood’s, our Certified Gemologists travel all over the world, including Africa, to oversee firsthand the strict protocols of the mines and cutting factories where our diamonds originate. Our team prioritizes our staff’s personal involvement and education about where our Kipekee Diamonds™ are sourced from and how the production process benefits the local area.

Underwood’s is proud to allocate a portion of the sales from our Kipekee Diamonds™ back into medical facilities and schools in Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa. And this commitment to the countries and communities where diamonds are found is featured in every level of our organization.


With a reputation for outstanding quality, a Kipekee Diamond™ stands a cut above the rest. Each diamond that boasts the Kipekee label is hand-picked by our Certified Gemologists. Only the top 3% of diamonds possess the qualities needed to become an Underwood Kipekee Diamond™.

After extraction, the diamond goes through months of transformation at the hands of our master diamantaire. The result is a gem that exudes natural beauty and unmatched brilliance for an heirloom that can be passed down and cherished for generations.


Here at Underwood’s, we’re honored and proud to provide our customers with some of earth’s most brilliant diamonds to make your special moment sparkle. When you bring home a Kipekee Diamond™, you get the confidence that comes from knowing your diamond is one of the exceptional stones that have the qualities needed to achieve this label.

Each Kipekee Diamond™ is authenticated and specially inscribed with Underwood’s on the girdle so its recipient knows they have an ethical, sustainable legacy that they can be proud to wear and enjoy every day.


Experience Kipekee Diamonds™ for yourself when you visit Underwood’s in person or browse our inventory online. Whether you’re hunting for the rarest and most radiant diamond for an engagement ring or a special anniversary, we guarantee you’ll find the dazzle you’ve been dreaming of when you go with a Kipekee exclusive.