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Wedding & Anniversary







Wedding & Anniversary






If you are reading this, then we would like to congratulate you on your pending engagement! We have been serving Jacksonville couples since 1928 and appreciate the opportunity to help educate you on diamonds and engagement rings. Underwood’s has three locations in Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL each with a huge selection of loose diamonds, engagement rings and wedding bands in all types of metals and styles. Our stores feature many engagement ring designers with styles that include diamond solitaire engagement rings, diamond halo engagement rings, three-stone diamond engagement rings, antique style engagement rings and custom designed engagement rings.


4.02ct. Cushion Cut Ring

4.02ct. Cushion Cut Ring

Underwood's Designs

2.86ctw. Asscher Cut Ring

2.86ctw. Asscher Cut Ring

Underwood's Designs

.86ctw. Solitaire Ring

.86ctw. Solitaire Ring

Gottlieb & Sons

Underwoods logo


Underwood’s is proud to present some of the most spectacular diamond engagement, colored stone and anniversary rings you will see anywhere. Rare and exquisite, every item is a one of a kind, featuring the finest quality diamonds meticulously set in handcrafted platinum or 18 karat gold. Each diamond is hand selected by one of our educated buyers and most designs are created by the company’s President, Clayton Bromberg. These are the finest pieces of jewelry you will find in Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

Eli Jewels logo

Eli Jewels

Underwood's carries both Eli's fashion and bridal collections in all three of our locations. Eli Jewels has been a family run business for over 300 years and features intricate filigree designs with Roman and Greek motifs.

Forevermark logo


Forevermark is the diamond brand from The De Beers Group of Companies, which has a history of diamond expertise spanning more than 125 years. Forevermark is committed to the unwavering and passionate pursuit of the world’s most beautiful diamonds, brought to you with integrity.

Gordon Clark logo

Gordon Clark

Gordon Clark engagement rings are all hand engraved in vintage styles. Own a new ring in an antique style such as Victorian, Art Deco or Edwardian. Gordon Clark focuses on the quality of their craftmanship making them beautiful works of art to be worn on her finger.

Gottlieb & Son logo

Gottlieb & Son

Underwood's carries Gottlieb & Sons' engagement rings, wedding bands, diamond crosses and earring jackets. Gottlieb & Sons' styles range from classic and antique to modern and contemporary.

Hearts on Fire logo

Hearts on Fire

Hearts on Fire is the World's most perfectly cut diamond. Cut with a 100x magnification instead of 10x, these diamonds all have ideal proportions which make them truly sparkle. Hearts on Fire is exclusive to Underwood's in Avondale, San Marco and Ponte Vedra.

JB Star logo

JB Star

Beautifully hand crafted, analyzed and inspected in New York City, JB Star creates only the highest quality diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. Underwood's carries a hand selected collection in all of our Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra locations.

Joshua J logo

Joshua J

Underwood's has a hand selected collection of Joshua J.'s bridal designs. Joshua J. creates upscale, fine jewelry for their customers with an emphasis on quality. Stop by any Underwood's store to see their beautiful wedding bands and engagement rings.

Mark Patterson logo

Mark Patterson

Mark Patterson and his wife Josette created an engagement ring collection by combining modern techniques with classic designs. Based in Newport Beach, California the couple produces quality diamond engagement rings and wedding bands.

Memoire logo


Diamond fashion jewelry of the highest quality is found in Memoire's collections. Memoire features classic and contemporary jewelry designs in diamond bands, diamond rings, diamond earrings, diamond necklaces and diamond bracelets.

Peter Storm logo

Peter Storm

Peter Storm's engagement rings, diamond bands and diamond semi mounts can be found at our San Marco and Ponte Vedra locations. Peter's designs are unique, bold and classic. The company's mantra is that every ring sold is a love story.

Precision Set logo

Precision Set

Underwood's carries Precision Set's engagement rings and wedding bands in all three of our locations. Precision Set is committed to quality and is one of the leading bridal manufacturers in the Unites States.

Ritani logo


Ritani is exclusive to Underwood's in Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. We carry a large selection of their diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding bands. All of Ritani's rings are handcrafted in New York.

The Whitehouse Brothers logo

The Whitehouse Brothers

Whitehouse Brothers' creates new antique style engagement rings for the bride seeking a vintage look. These Edwardian style engagement rings are manufactured using a technique called the "die-struck" process, making them 33% more durable than the average ring.


I bet you didn’t know diamonds could grow! At Underwood’s we have a trade-in program called “Grow a Diamond.” This means you can buy a diamond today and then trade it in for the amount you paid for it at any time in the future towards something larger. It can be $1 more or $10,000 more, and you can trade it in tomorrow or in twenty years. This applies to solitaire engagement rings, loose diamonds, the center diamond in most engagement rings, diamond solitaire pendants and diamond stud earrings. We like to think that as you get older, your diamonds should get bigger!

Here’s an example of how it works:

• You purchased a pair of 1.00ct. total weight diamond studs last December for $3000 •

• You now want a pair of 1.50ct. total weight diamond studs which are $5900 •

• We give you credit for $3000, taking the 1.00ct. pair back •

• You owe the difference of $2900 •

There is no time limit to this program. Just think, you can get a bigger diamond each year if you wanted! Start your daughter with a small pair of diamond studs and walk her down the aisle at her wedding with 1.00ct. in each ear!

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