Do you sell lab grown diamonds?

No, we do not sell lab grown diamonds. Underwood’s believes that a natural diamond that was formed in the earth millions of years ago is much more valuable than a man-made diamond because of its rarity. Underwood’s has state of the art technology we use to test and verify that all of our diamonds are of natural origin.

Do you size rings?

Yes, we can size most rings in silver, gold or platinum using a laser welder which mitigates the risk of heat damage from a torch. The price for sizing a ring starts at $35 and varies depending on how many sizes and the type of metal. We cannot give you an exact quote over the phone or email, however once our jeweler inspects your ring we can notify you with an estimate before we proceed.

Will I have to leave my jewelry while it’s being repaired?

Yes. Our three jewelers and two watchmakers have over 100 years of experience between them and are in extremely high demand. The typical turnaround time for jewelry repair is ten business days* during which your piece will be insured while it’s in our possession. You will also be given a receipt with a photograph of your item which you will need when you come to pick up your completed repair. *Subject to availability of parts and customer approval.

Do you rhodium plate rings?

Yes. Over time you might notice that your white gold loses some of their original bright white color. All gold is yellow in its natural form and white gold is usually alloyed with nickel, manganese or palladium to make it white. This discoloration could begin as soon as six months or never happen, depending on your wearing habits. A thin layer of rhodium (a metal in the platinum family) needs to be applied to your ring to make it look new again. Rhodium plating starts at $45.

Do you gift wrap?

Yes. Our Underwood’s silver gift wrapping paper is iconic in Jacksonville. There’s nothing better than receiving that tiny silver box! We gift wrap anything purchased at Underwood’s, except some sale items.

Do you sell Grillz?

No, we do not sell Grillz.

Do you buy gold?

Yes, we buy gold. Our formula is based on the price of gold on the day you visit our store. We do not have someone who is available to buy gold full time and therefore you may have to leave your items for a couple days. We will photograph your items and give you a receipt which you will need to bring when you pick up your gold or check. If you decide that you want to spend your money from the scrap gold with Underwood’s, we give you 25% more in store credit. For example, if you are offered a check for $1000 for your scrap gold, we will give you an additional 25% or $250 (making your total $1250), to be used to buy something new from Underwood's.

Which kind of watches do you service?

Underwood’s only services Rolex watches on premises. We are the only store in Northeast Florida with two certified Rolex technicians on staff. We can also service Tavannes, David Yurman, Seiko and Tudor watches, however we have to ship them to the manufacturer which can take several weeks. If your watch just needs a battery, bring it in and we will do our best to change it within 24 hours. We cannot guarantee water resistance on a watch brand that we do not carry after a battery is changed.

Do you engrave?

Yes we have laser and hand engraving options available!

Do you pierce ears?

We do not pierce ears.

Can you tell me if a gemstone is real?

We have three Certified Gemologists on staff who can identify your gemstones. We cannot do this while you wait and charge $20 for most stone identification. This service does not offer any values, but we do have a separate appraisal service.

Do you authenticate Rolex watches?

The only way to authenticate a Rolex watch is to have it serviced by a Certified Rolex Watchmaker. Underwood’s is lucky enough to have two on staff and you can read about the service process here:

Do you restring pearls?

Yes, we restring pearls. This service costs $1.75/knot and usually takes two weeks.

Do you buy coins?

We purchase coins based on the value and weight of gold. While we would be happy to purchase them, we cannot identify rare coins and you would probably be better off taking them to a coin expert. We do not purchase any coins that are not gold.

Can you cut rings off?

Yes, we can cut rings off your fingers if you cannot remove them. Before coming in, try spraying your finger and ring with Windex and slowly working your ring back and forth to remove it. We do not charge to cut your ring off, but there will be a charge to repair and resize it. It is usually a good idea to wait 2-3 weeks between cutting your ring off and determining a good finger size for your ring going forward. This allows any swelling in your finger to return to normal.