Clayton Bromberg is a 6th generation jeweler and has received many awards for his contributions to the industry. Underwood’s has been acknowledged nationally and locally for many achievements from organizations such as the Women’s Jewelry Association, the American Gem Society, Jacksonville’s Folio Weekly and more. We strive to be the best for our services in consumer protection and are proud to be recognized by such prestigious establishments.

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Best Jeweler in Jacksonville, Folio Weekly, 1991-Ongoing

Folio Weekly Names Underwood’s Best Jeweler in Jacksonville, FL for over 25 Years in a Row

Folio Weekly for over 25 years has named Underwood’s the Best Jeweler in Jacksonville. When asked about this Clayton Bromberg commented, 'When your goal is to be the best and you and your team are committed to that, it’s not a surprise when an honor like this is bestowed on you. Everybody here is proud of what they have done and we all know that we cannot rest because now there is an expectation and we have to live up to it.'

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AGS Young Titleholder Award 2015

Denise Richards was the first recipient of the American Gem Society Young Titleholder Award at their annual Conclave in New Orleans. The Society presents the award every year to a young individual for their contributions to the industry. Lisa Bridge, CG, and Anna Samsonova, CGA, presented the award to Mrs. Richards. “Denise has set the bar quite high for future contenders. The group has been successful in large part because of her,” said Lisa Bridge.

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Women’s Jewelry Association Ben Kaiser Award, 2015

The Ben Kaiser award is presented annually to a man in the jewelry industry who helps the advancement of women.

The Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA) presented Clayton Bromberg the Ben Kaiser award at the Chelsea Piers in New York City during their annual Awards for Excellence dinner. The WJA’s mission is to help women in the jewelry and watch industries advance and develop professionally through networking, education, leadership development, and the provision of member services.

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American Gem Society Triple Zero Award, 2013

Clayton Bromberg was presented the esteemed Triple Zero Award during a special awards dinner at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.

The American Gem Society presents the Triple Zero Award annually to industry professionals that have given their time and talent to the betterment of the Society, their community and the jewelry industry. The honor is so named because a triple zero grade diamond is the highest grade a diamond can realize, and signifies an Ideal Cut diamond awards recipients.

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The American Gem Society Robert M. Shipley Award, 2004

The Robert M. Shipley Award is conferred annually by the American Gem Society upon a member for outstanding service to the society, for significant contributions to the science of gemology, or for exemplifying the high purposes, objectives and ideals of the society in the member’s own communities.

On April 13, 2004, the Robert M. Shipley Award was given to C. Clayton Bromberg and Underwood Jewelers. Because of the company goal to be the best Jeweler in the South, not the biggest, Underwood’s has made a commitment to the professional development of their staff through the American Gem Society’s education department. As a result of this, Underwood’s has the largest number of credentialed jewelry professionals with American Gem Society titles east of the Mississippi River. Each of these jewelry professionals must re-certify their title each year through a written examination.

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National Jeweler Hall of Fame, 2003

Underwood Jewelers Earns Distinction by being inducted into the National Jeweler Hall of Fame

On July 26, 2003, Underwood Jewelers and C. Clayton Bromberg were inducted into the National Jewelers Hall of Fame in the category of Multi-Store Independent Retail Jewelers. Clayton Bromberg stated that “being recognized with this achievement by a group of your peers is truly an honor. The credit for this achievement goes to a lot of people including my parents, Herb Underwood, our Founder, and the great team of people that make Underwood’s the store that it is.” Clayton Bromberg continued by acknowledging the management team including Michael Richards, Vice President, saying that “they have been with us since the start of our re-birth as one of the best jewelers in the South and Jacksonville, FL. This honor moves us a little closer to our goal.”