Underwood's has something for the baby that has everything. From baby earrings to sterling silver bangle bracelets you can gift your tiny loved one with a keepsake that will last.


You are never too young for jewelry or diamonds! Underwood’s carries jewelry and gifts for babies and young children in all varieties. We carry styles such as bangle bracelets, add-a-pearl necklaces, baby earrings and gold necklaces- the perfect gifts for babies and children! We have a Grow Your Diamond program in which you can start off with small diamond stud earrings and trade them in as your child gets older for a larger pair.


I bet you didn’t know diamonds could grow! At Underwood’s we have a trade-in program called “Grow a Diamond.” This means you can buy a diamond today and then trade it in for the amount you paid for it at any time in the future towards something larger. It can be $1 more or $10,000 more, and you can trade it in tomorrow or in twenty years. This applies to solitaire engagement rings, loose diamonds, the center diamond in most engagement rings, diamond solitaire pendants and diamond stud earrings. We like to think that as you get older, your diamonds should get bigger!

Here’s an example of how it works:

• You purchased a pair of 1.00ct. total weight diamond studs last December for $3000 •

• You now want a pair of 1.50ct. total weight diamond studs which are $5900 •

• We give you credit for $3000, taking the 1.00ct. pair back •

• You owe the difference of $2900 •

There is no time limit to this program. Just think, you can get a bigger diamond each year if you wanted! Start your daughter with a small pair of diamond studs and walk her down the aisle at her wedding with 1.00ct. in each ear!