Jewelry Repair

In order to insure that your purchases from Underwood's remain beautiful and treasured pieces for as long as you own them, we have made investments in our repair shops of the finest laser technology equipment available in the world. This laser technology allows us to fuse metal together, creating a stronger and more pure finish to jewelry. This allows us to size and repair in a variety of metals without the danger of heat damage associated with traditional acetylene torch repair methods. This technology is particularly beneficial in the sizing and repair of platinum jewelry and silver jewelry.

Tony Lazar

Anthony J. Lazar (Tony) began his career in the jewelry business in 1979. Tony began work on the bench as an apprentice before attending numerous jewelry design and repair training classes throughout the country. Tony has been an important member of the Underwood team since 1998. In 2004 Tony became one of a small group of bench jewelers to also obtain certification as a Registered Jeweler of the American Gem Society. Tony continues to stay current in both his bench jeweler and gemological skills through annual training and testing.

Bob Carver

Robert Carver has been in the jewelry business for over 22 years. He has experience in Retail Sales as well as Management. He is a Registered Jeweler with the American Gem Society and has worked for Underwoods for over 11 years. Robert keeps up with the latest industry trends such as laser welding and casting by regularly attending training courses and seminars. You can find Robert at our Ponte Vedra location.


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